The feeling of being alienated when people leave your site momentarily breaks, right? Someone seems to interfere in your interactions with your perspective. If you still don't know who your business's biggest enemy is, we have a name called "Bounce Rate" – the percentage of visitors who visit and leave your website without visiting another page on your website.

You can consider best explainer video company at Let's take a look at three key competencies that prove why animated videos have superhero qualities that can save you:

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  • Be careful immediately

With an animated video explaining your landing page, you'll quickly see your audience and last an average of 2 minutes longer. So this is a quantum leap in just 8 seconds, an instant increase of 1500%! Play smart and place it in the fold for instant attention. Make it big, bold and attractive. You can choose an attractive still image for the audience to click on the game.

  • Help to grow SEO prices

The time a visitor spends navigating your website is directly related to your search engine ranking. If they don't see you on Google, it doesn't matter how good your product or service is because no one can find you.You need to be able to figure out the dropout rate and your animated video should be able to turn it off.

  • This is the best way to convert visitors into customers

Worst of all, the dropout rate is the number of people who don't work for your company. This is the biggest marketing flaw. In other words, the dropout rate shows the truth that you are losing money.