Immigration lawyers are professionals who help people who are in NZ. illegally or seeking to immigrate legally navigate the complicated immigration system. Lawyers work with clients to prepare and file applications for visas, green cards, and other immigration benefits. They can also help clients deal with criminal charges related to their immigration status. You can click over here  to more about immigration lawyers.

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Most immigration lawyers specialize in one area of the law, such as family-based immigration or asylum seekers. However, many lawyers also have some experience in other areas of the immigration system. Some lawyers also serve as advocates for their clients, working to ensure that their cases are handled properly by the government.

To become an immigration lawyer, you must first complete a law degree at an accredited institution. After graduation, you will likely need to pass a bar exam in your state. Many lawyers also require years of experience working in the legal field before they are allowed to practice law on their own.

If you can't find a lawyer through online resources or your state bar association, you may need to consider hiring a lawyer through a private firm. Many larger firms have a department that specializes in immigration law, and these lawyers often charge more than those who work in individual offices. 

If you are unable to find an attorney through traditional methods or if you decide that you do not want to hire a lawyer, there are several resources available to you. The National Immigrant Legal Resource Center (NILRC) offers an online search tool that allows users to find specific types of attorneys, such as family law attorneys or criminal defense lawyers who may have expertise in immigration law.