Tooth removal or extraction refers to the process of removing an unrestorable or damaged tooth. There are two types of extractions: simple extractions and surgical extractions. Wisdom tooth extractions are nearly always surgery extractions.

The removal of the tooth is a procedure in which an unrestorable tooth is removed from its bone socket. Tooth removal is needed in the event of large tooth cavity teeth, wisdom teeth, fractured teeth, etc. However, certain deep cavities can be fixed with the possibility of a root canal. Depending on the severity of your situation depending on the complexity of your case, you might require either a simple or surgical extraction. 

The surgical procedure has more time to heal and is more expensive as compared to a simple one. The cost of tooth extractions ranges from $150-$450 per tooth, based on the severity of your situation the location you are in, your dentist, as well as the specific requirements of your case. You may have a peek at to know more about average teeth removal cost.

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Simple tooth extraction vs. surgical tooth extraction

Simple tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction are the two forms of tooth extractions..

  • Simple tooth extraction is a less common surgery that has no complications and has fully extruded (grown in) over that gum line.

The time it takes to heal is also a consideration in pain treatment. Swelling is usually less acute after a simple extraction.

  • Surgical tooth extraction is a more involved dental operation used to remove partially erupted or impacted teeth (when the tooth is prevented from getting by the gum). There is a chance of additional swelling and pain, as well as a longer recovery time.

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