The device you make use of for smoking tobacco can be just as crucial in the same way as smoking tobacco. There are numerous kinds of tobacco available but what's the use of expensive, tasty, and premium tobacco if you try to smoke it using printing paper or leaves from palm trees as an ignorant teenager? 

Anyone who has a basic understanding of tobacco is aware that the top tobacco pipes in Australia available in the market can make your entire smoking experience more delicious and enjoyable. If you're looking for the most delicious of the finest tobacco types start with this listing of the best tobacco pipes. 

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Cob Pipes

The most popular name is "beginner's pipe," these pipes can be described as affordable however they are still designed for the best tobacco smoking experience. They're actually made of corncobs. But as appealing in their handling and admire you wouldn't think they are made of the bulky organic material.

Briar Pipes

Made from the wood of the heath tree The pipe is Mediterranean in origin. This will always mean top quality, exotic flavors, and a truly unique experience. It's a tough but porous material that stands against extreme heat. It is not likely to crack or break unless misused or get very clumsy when handling it.


It could be a tongue-twister but this type of pipe will sit comfortably upon your tongue. You'll be surprised it is made from fossilized seashells. They can be cut into various artistic shapes and designs, and they are extremely clear and white.