At first glance, a retractable roof cover or skylight can look like a spectacular addition to the project.

Whether you are starting a new design or renovating an existing facility, there are many aesthetic benefits if you decide to incorporate a retractable sliding roof into a project.

The new era of design will require adequate air circulation as traditional ventilation systems have proven to be part of the problem of spreading infectious viruses in the air. In the past, public health problems such as the spread of disease have been addressed by adding green spaces and parks to city centers. In recent years, this concept has been applied to buildings through wall and roof work.

Usually found only in water centers, the addition of clean air for ventilation and sunlight for lighting is now used worldwide for all types of construction work for all purposes, and this trend is on the increase.

Offices, hotels, gyms, shopping malls and restaurants are already seeing the benefits of space that opens up to the environment at the push of a button.

Of course, adding cover can increase the physical space you use: for example, if you included an outdoor environment previously such as a rooftop terrace. Even simple transformations, such as drilling a hole in the roof and adding a roof to existing space, only turn the once dark environment into one with the sun and fresh air.

Regardless of the changes you make, you can increase the workload of your residents. The result, despite the ability to accommodate more guests and increase revenue, is the cost of running your facility.