So you decide to buy a floor before building. Congratulations! Now comes the most difficult, but also more important decision – choosing the right floor plan. It is important to choose a layout that fits your individual needs but will continue to be attractive to potential buyers in the future.

One of the most important features to consider when considering residences floor plans is the position of the windows in the modules. It is always more attractive to have windows in all bedrooms, and natural light has been shown to increase the resale value of these units.

Buying a prefabricated house - choosing the best floor plan

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Corner blocks usually have twice as much natural light, which is very attractive to future buyers. But be careful with the angular body which has a strange shape.

One aspect that is often overlooked when selecting your device is the actual location of the device on the floor plan.

Having a device next to an elevator can be frustrating as noise levels are usually high. This brings me to my next little tip. Stay away from trash shots! Many buyers are disappointed to find that after moving into their apartment, they are constantly bothered by the sound of rubbish falling on top of it.

This turns out to be a bigger problem for the downstairs residents, especially if the trash gets into the back of the restroom, which they usually do.

Always ask your sales rep to show you block locations throughout the floor plan. When choosing your floor plan, be sure to consider cabinets and storage space.