The short answer is – yes! A special laser used in this procedure provides outstanding results to significantly alleviate or eliminate most of the tattoo ink. Laser tattoo removal treatment is safe and effective and does not affect the surrounding skin. This is a non-invasive solution to having tattoos removed surgically.

Quite often people regret getting tattoos and even feel ashamed as their life changes. As the old saying goes "The indiscretions of youth are the regrets of maturity" – anonymous. Laser tattoo removal treatment uses pulses of laser light that is directed to the tattoo, breaking up the tattoo pigments. To find more about laser tattoo removal, you can visit this site:

Over the next several weeks the body's macrophages remove the treated pigmented areas. The laser can effectively treat dark tattoo inks, specifically black (which accounts for more than half of all tattoos) and blue. You should expect to receive several treatments to achieve the expected results.

The key advantage for Patients

  • The safest way to remove unwanted tattoos
  • Effective treatment for dark tattoo ink (black and blue)
  • Dramatic results after several treatments

Viewed by many teenagers as an act of self-expression, identity, and sometimes rebellion, tattoos may create barriers to employment and social acceptance at a more mature age. Hey, I'm not saying that is right, but it is the way it is! In addition, as their colours fade & skin looses its youthful elasticity, tattoos may become defacements rather than decorations. That cute little rose has become a bouquet of dead roses.