The yucca plant is a common perennial garden herb, evergreen, drought-tolerant. This plant native to the United States has many species and cultivars that do well in our gardens. There are also lots of nice colorful shapes to choose from.  You can buy good quality yucca tree via

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Here at the Plant Delights nursery, you've been growing yucca plants in our gardens and want to share tips for yuccas that grow best.

How many suns Should Yucca Get?

Tip 1 – Yuki should get full sun to split up. Low light levels lead to spindly growth and fewer shoots. And no one likes a skinny yuka.

How Much Water Should Yucca Get?

Tip 2 – Yucca plants are quite drought-tolerant due to their thick, waxy leaves, so they don't need as much water after weaning. However, landscape specimens always look better with regular watering throughout the growing season about an inch a week should suffice. 

Yuki's are very drought tolerant, so if you forget to water them for a few weeks or a few years, they will hold up well.

What Type of Soil Should You Grow Yucca in?

Tip 3 – If the drainage is good, the yucca doesn't care what soil you plant it in. how great it is low pH or high pH…sand or clay…yucca plants delight in almost anything.