Braces are scary. The thought of cementing wires and metal brackets into the mouth is enough to reduce even a grown adult into a third-grade student on the bad end of a bully's fists. Fortunately, however, Invisalign clear braces alleviate these fears.

Smiles and First Impressions

The most common fear among patients who need braces is the fear of embarrassment. Teeth are one of the first features we recognize in another person, especially when they smile.

Invisalign – Plano Dentist have helped millions of people perfect their smiles without the hassle and embarrassment of traditional braces!

Invisalign at Dental Renaissance

The smile of a person often says more than the person herself. It is no surprise that people are generally scared or embarrassed to wear metal braces for months at a time. What people do not realize, however, is that going without braces can lead to poor oral health.

Invisalign Clear Braces and Healthy Gums

Invisalign clear braces are nearly invisible when worn, removable, and discreet. The Invisalign system provides patients with a series of trays called aligners that will work to gradually straighten teeth. And straighter teeth mean healthier gums.

Straight teeth are essential for maintaining good overall oral health because they allow fewer spaces for pieces of food to get trapped. Teeth with wide gaps, by contrast, gather food by the bundles. These pieces of food get pushed into the gums at the base of the teeth. Once there, the food particles are removed only by vigorous flossing-a habit few adults and even fewer children practice.