The use of heat treatments is a non-chemical method of control for pests that is that treats bed bugs by raising the temperature of a space. Pesticide use that is widespread and unresponsible has had a huge impact on the environment as well as the health of the people affected by this use.

As with the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, Insects have developed resistance to numerous pesticides. in the sphere of public health, this is especially true of bed bugs. In spite of the issues with resistance, It was evident that the use of heat therapy to kill bed bugs in furniture and mattresses must be more effective than employing harmful insecticides.

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Insects, as we are consist of proteins. In fact, enzymes are proteins too. the characteristics of that protein, as well as its DNA, determines the place and function within the body. When a cell gets heated to 45degC or higher, the DNA begins to break down and thus cells cease to perform in the way it is supposed to.

In the laboratory, You will find various claims about the percentage of kill rates for various insect species for different durations and temperatures. To ensure complete control, it is necessary to have the target temperature be 50 degrees Celsius for two hours or 52degC over one hour. The temperature must be maintained on the insect, not only within the environment or room that is being treated.