Weight and floor scales are precision instruments that can accurately measure the weight and mass of particular items. These commercial scales can differ in style, size, capacities, and prices. Every scale will depend entirely on the client's budget and special needs.

Scales are manufactured to cater to specific industries such as laboratories, retail outlets, restaurants, construction, manufacturing, and processing facilities. There are other environments as well requiring precise weighing of the items. The floor scales dealer has a variety of models.

The majority of newer scales being made today have digital functions incorporated as opposed to the older analog designs. Both can be very accurate depending upon the environment in which it's used. However, digital models are typically more responsive and precise. A floor scales service provider assists commercial clients in finding a scale best matching their particular environment.

A retail scale is frequently found within the restaurant, grocery, food processing, and light shipping fields. These smaller units are highly economical and most commonly utilized to measure units for pricing at the retail level. With tamperproof sealed calibration, the retail scale is highly precise and accurate for computing exact weight measurements. They have become an important part of many direct-to-consumer businesses, and are also essential to meet certain regulations involving weights, especially in the food distribution industry.

Within a laboratory environment, balance scales are the most typically used devices. Most will feature top-loading electronic balances or as a platform style.