Guided meditation is an excellent form of meditation for beginners. The meditative guide takes you through the beginning, middle, and end of your meditative experience. You will be asked to sit in a comfortable place and relax for a while. Then the speaker can make you breathe. The guide will guide you along the way and let you visualize things along the way.

Guided meditation is a very effective and easy way to learn this ancient practice. However, if you practice guided meditation online then you will get a notification of upcoming series and sessions earlier so that you will not miss out.

How to Meditate.....3 types of guided meditation practices and which one is right for you - True Nature Travels

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Physical Benefits:

The physical benefits of practicing meditation are numerous and well researched. One of the most obvious benefits of meditation is that stress levels are reduced quickly. This is because levels of the stress hormones cortisol and lactate are lowered. When the stress melts away, your body will experience deep relaxation and calm. Your heart rate drops and your breathing slows down. Relaxing will also lower your blood pressure.

Emotional Gain:

The physical body cannot be separated from emotions because emotions are the result of things that happen to the body in response to external stimuli. But for clarity and simplicity, we will discuss the emotional benefits of meditation separately from the physical. Remember that the two fields go hand in hand. When the body is relaxed, the brain can learn new information more quickly and continue to learn. The ability to think as well as an increased sense of creativity, are all benefits of meditation. 

Spiritual Benefits:

The use of the word "spiritual" in this article does not refer to religious beliefs or practices, but to the experience of well-being, purpose, and all-encompassing unconditional love. When a person meditates, they become more in tune with what is going on in their body. Over time, people will feel oneness with the world, have clarity about their purpose in life, and connect with infinity.