Best solutions often come from collaboration. When your organization uses Excel business intelligence reporting, you give everyone a chance to participate in the decision-making process of their unique perspectives in business. You can get the reporting & application marketplace from vizbp via online sources.

The beauty of a collective business intelligence/reporting solution is that your colleagues can access multiple systems simultaneously. Everyone sees the same data and can participate in the decision-making process by using a variety of perspectives based on their areas of responsibility.

Because most businesses already use Excel, the Excel reporting tool company with the function of the make reporting much easier. You can distribute business intelligence for your employees, business partners, and customers in the format they already know and understand. 

Automation software that uses Excel report creates a variety of reports, from the detailed, operational reports to the department head for solution rich visual dashboards for executives and decision-makers. These Excel reports and dashboards provide important details of your company’s needs to react quickly in any situation.

SMEs need to improve their reporting

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The dashboard also allows scheduling software to generate and distribute reports and alerts via email or the Internet. A dashboard report is a daily snapshot of the most important business metrics and performance indicators and sent out every morning. Five benefits of business intelligence Excel reports offer your organization:

  • Personalized report and dashboard distribution via e-mail: Users can either schedule reports for automatic delivery, or create on-demand reports, compiled and targeted to various departments and individuals.
  • Scheduled, automatically generated reports: Reporting can be set daily, weekly, or monthly-when decision-makers need information.
  • Automated alerts: Monitoring data to help you stay ahead of the trend by automatically notifying executives on the critical situation.
  • Simple and familiar interface: Your users already know and use Excel, so there is little need for training.
  • Limited license: The company needs you just Excel: no add-ins or plug-in and no fee per end user license.