Foreclosure filings against homeowners have grown dramatically in the past couple of months. In some places, this growth is 30-40% greater than it had been last year. Experts state that foreclosures have skyrocketed over the previous 3 decades in several areas.

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How to Buy Foreclosure Homes - A Real Estate Investment Opportunity

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Householders have struggled to cope with high prices, rising interest rates, and commodities pledged for adjustment.  Over the years, mortgage lenders have designed several new loans that will help buyers to afford homes.

Buyers came out in record numbers. 100% funding and record-low interest rates helped some who could not afford first homes to become homeowners, and which encouraged the most incredible real estate explosion on record.

Back in Nevada, where I reside, almost 62 percent of mortgages are interest-only and ARMs. But, now interest rates are greater. Blend this with a soft housing market and at this point, you have a squeeze on homeowners that are trying hard to make the high premiums on adjustable-rate mortgages or must refinance their loans to try to reduce their payments.

It was tight but you guessed that you could manage it.

If the loan adjusts this season (margin + present indicator) you might be facing a change to 8.000 percent. This would raise your payment to $2000 a month. You can't manage your house any longer.

You can indeed refinance it and possibly only raise your payment by $100-$200 a month out of the $1250 but imagine if life conditions have changed? Just like your credit isn't quite as great?

You might have a great deal of equity so you're still OK, but what happens at a slower economy where you aren't gaining much? Or you've eliminated all your equity using a line? Or your house has depreciated since this buy? The slower property market compounds the issue.

In the last few decades, homeowners using risky mortgages may benefit from the increasing value of their homes by refinancing at reduced prices.

With home costs stabilizing or decreasing, the refinancing choice isn't offered. Having a vastly inflated stock of homes on the marketplace and a 30% earnings decrease from this past year, selling isn't as viable an alternative. Quite simply, increasing rates of interest and decreasing dwelling values spell catastrophe.