Do you find yourself wondering "what" to match your socks with? The pants? The jacket? Or something else? This is how to solve this problem if you are also affected by it. 

As the tie should match the top of your body and his jacket, then the jacket and lastly the color of the face, your socks must bind to your lower half, so that shoes and pants can be worn. Also, you can buy plain crew socks through because plain color socks suit every outfit you are wearing.

However, it is important to be precise. Your socks can be tuned with the color of your tie or shirt. These are the few essential things you should know in order to match your socks.

Although the classic combination is probably the most obvious, it is also the easiest and most adaptable. It is perfect for any occasion: work or leisure, special occasion, or ceremony. 

It is normal that your stockings are in harmony with the color and style of your shoe. However, it is also important to consider the color of the pants, jacket, and maybe even the jacket.

Your shoes can be either dark brown or black if you're wearing gray. However, the socks should be very dark gray. 

If you have a beige jacket and beige trousers, the shoes must be as dark as the jacket. You can add a color link between your socks and tie or shirt or jersey if you want something different.