Many working environments are water-sensitive. The equipment and end products can be contaminated by moisture. Water particles in cold environments can cause frozen pipes and corrosion. This can cause you to lose time, money, or reduce product quality. Air compressors are the smarter energy source.

The Difference Between Adsorption and Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

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Compressed air dryers remove moisture from compressed air. It ensures that your compressed is clean and free from harmful moisture, which could cause damage to your equipment or adverse effects during use.

Compressed Air Filters, filter the air from impurities such as dust and gases.

What is the working principle of compressed air dryers?

The type of compressed air dryer that you use will affect how it works. Each type of dryer uses a different method to produce the same result: clean, dry compressed air that you can use.

Compressed air dryers reduce the air's dew point by eliminating any water particles. Compressed air can contain moisture which could be dangerous to your system and processes. It is crucial to have dry, clean compressed air, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

What are the best-compressed air dryers?

There are many types and sizes of compressed air dryers. There are four types of compressed air dryers. Each type uses a different mechanism to remove moisture from compressed air. Learn how each works and which one is right for you.

  1. Refrigerated air dryers

  2. Desiccant air dryers

  3. Deliquescent air dryers

  4. Membrane air dryers