Reduction mammoplasty, also known as breast reduction surgery, is usually performed when a woman has a breast size that is disproportionate to her height or when the size of her breast causes pain from pulling too hard on the neck and back muscles. Large breast size can also affect a woman's ability to be active in certain sports. Breast size that is too large can also affect a woman's self-esteem, making her feel insecure or irritated. Any of these causes, or a combination thereof, can cause a woman to undergo breast reduction surgery in Dallas TX.

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Breast reduction surgery removes extra fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts so that a woman's breast size is proportional to her height. Before deciding on a breast reduction surgery, a woman should meet with a plastic surgeon and discuss all the possibilities and all the possible risks. come up with associated procedures, as well as what can realistically be expected from the results in individual cases.

Most women wait until their breasts are fully developed to undergo breast reduction surgery. For women with large breasts who have poor posture due to heavy breasts, chronic back, neck and shoulder pain and whose activities are limited only because of the size of their breasts, this surgical procedure offers an opportunity to improve their quality of life and to a greater extent. the same time certain medical problems.

As with any surgery, breast reduction is not without risks. A woman may experience side effects from the types of surgery that are common with other surgeries, such as bleeding, possible infection, and side effects from anesthesia. Outcomes specific to this type of surgery may include loss of sensation in the nipple and areola area, or possibly even loss of these areas. A woman will also experience scarring of the breast tissue and possibly asymmetrical or asymmetrical breast shape.

After surgery, the woman will experience periods of pain and tenderness, as well as prolonged tenderness and swelling that can last for several months after surgery.