Every child dreams of a wonderland. A CIRCU Sky Rug will bring that magic to your child's room. Made of artificial sheep wool, acrylic, and polyester, this rug is the ultimate decor piece. You'll find a million different uses for this versatile piece of art. Your child will love it! And you'll love the way it looks in their bedroom! Keep reading to learn more about this gorgeous piece of art.

Color psychology

The theory behind colour psychology has long been around. Different colours evoke certain emotions in different people. Children are especially sensitive to the effect of certain colours. Fortunately, we can use this theory to help us select the right colours for our kids' bedrooms. Read on to discover how certain colours can affect our kids' moods and behaviour. Listed below are some of the best colours for children's bedrooms. You can also check out the following resources to find out more.

According to psychology, it's best to select neutral or pale hues for your child's room. This will prevent over-stimulation and promote calmness. Bright colours should be saved for the playroom. Yellow, in particular, can disrupt sleeping patterns. You can still make the room look cheerful by adding accents of pale yellow. The psychology behind colour in kids' bedrooms isn't very complex. It's important to remember that kids' rooms should be as kid-friendly as possible.

Storage solutions

You can never have too many storage solutions for kids bedrooms. You can combine under-bed storage with easy-to-reach storage to create the perfect solution for your children's room. You can even make the most of wall space with hanging storage. And if your kids love to create art, you can display their creations by attaching magnetic strips to the wall. If you're short on space, you can always purchase storage benches and wall units.

Kids' rooms are notorious for cluttered closets and cluttered corners. To combat the problem, consider adding some storage to your kid's room. There are many ways to store your child's accessories, from DIY projects to clever designs. Here are some great ideas:


Bookends are a decorative addition that can add a touch of personality to a kid's room. These bookshelves can hold a favorite book or special diary. They can be bought for a newborn baby or a personal treat for a bohemian child. Bookends made from ceramic can be found at many online retailers, such as Hachi and Tegs. If your child loves unicorns, consider purchasing a set of rainbow bookends.

Decorative bookends are great for storing a variety of items. Children can use them to hold a book or a magazine, while adults can find them useful for holding a photo album. They also look classic and trendy. Whether a child is young or old, elephant animal bookends are suitable for all ages. They can be used as gifts for birthdays, holidays, or a special occasion.

Floating bookshelves

If you want to make your child's bedroom look neat and organized, then consider installing floating bookshelves. They are functional, decorative, and can save space in a small room. Choose fun shapes or colors for your kids' shelves. Alternatively, choose neutral-colored shelves in a neutral-hued room. Kids love to collect books and have an assortment of books on display. Whether you choose colorful or neutral-hued shelves, they are sure to be a hit.

Floating bookshelves can also be used as storage for toys and other accessories. Floating bookcases can also double as desk accessories. The shelves are also equipped with hooks so you can hang backpacks, bathrobes, and towels. Some shelves can accommodate bins, too, so your child can store all of their favorite accessories. If you'd like to add a few extra storage spaces, you can add peg rails on the wall.

Balloon lamps

If your kid has a passion for art, you can try making a balloon lamp in your child's bedroom. You can make them yourself with various supplies you can get from IKEA. To make a simple balloon lamp, use the basket and the handle of a lamp. To attach the leather handles to the basket, use hot glue or screw. Next, tie the balloon strings to the hanging lampshade. Make sure the balloons hang horizontally.

If you're decorating a child's room in a nautical or underwater theme, you can opt for a beautiful and decorative lamp in the shape of a unicorn. These lamps cast a colorful shadow on the wall and add a whimsical touch to the room. To create a fairy-tale-inspired lamp, you can even try making a miniature version of the light and adding a colorful paper flower to it.

Wooden toys

Besides being an excellent way to stimulate the imagination and creativity of young minds, wooden toys for kids are also eco-friendly. While plastic toys are cheaper, they break more easily and are thrown away more often, contributing to the pollution of oceans and landfills. Amish furniture is a great option for kids' bedrooms, and is available in a variety of wood types and stain colors. This way, parents and children can choose the best pieces for their child's room.

Natural wood is a timeless option, and the wood tones will complement any color scheme. Children will love to play with wooden toys that are heirloom-quality. These items will also be passed on for generations. When choosing the perfect wood toy for your child's room, consider the type of wood. Choose a color that complements the room's design and the child's personality. A timeless piece will last for generations.