There is a basic question that people usually ask i.e. "How much should they spend or block the budget for their kitchen remodeling or renovation"?

Forgetting the answer to this question or getting the right kitchen remodeling cost, you yourself have to estimate the approximate cost.

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First of all, you should try to make a list of the items that you really would like to do or make a wish list. Your wish list might be too big or too small and you can add on and remove things from your wish list or what you want to change in your kitchen to keep the kitchen renovation cost under the budget.Your wishlist will help you to get an approximate estimate of the cost to remodel and renovate your kitchen.

Once you have the wish list, inform yourself how much things cost, are you going to replace all the appliances in your kitchen? Are you going to put new flooring? Or are you just re-facing the cabinets? Are you ripping those cabinets and putting new ones?

Make that list of what you want to do and then put a price tag next to it. It will give you an approximate figure for kitchen renovation costs and will help you in setting up a budget. Then try to stick as close as possible to that budget so you have not too many bad surprises which can spoil your estimated budget.

Then investigate the pricing once you narrow your wish list if the contractor's price is so much higher than the competitor's price for the item you have asked for. Then ask them why as there might be a reason usually you get what you pay for.