An overhead garage storage rack is a structure that is mounted above the ground in a garage. It is typically made of steel or aluminum, and can hold a variety of items, including cars, bikes, tools, and other equipment.

If you're looking for a way to organize and store all of your garage items, overhead garage storage racks then you can browse  Here are some of the most common types of racks: 

Crossbar Storage Rack: A crossbar storage rack is a classic option that uses metal bars to support items above them. This type of rack is versatile and can be used for a variety of items, including tools, bikes, and sports equipment.

Ladder Storage Rack: A ladder storage rack works similarly to a crossbar storage rack, but the ladder slopes downward instead of up. This makes it ideal for storing larger items, like furniture or appliances.

Wall-Mounted Storage Rack: Wall-mounted storage racks are perfect if you want to easily access your items from the inside of your garage. These racks can be mounted on the wall using screws or using hooks and eyes.

Ceiling-Mounted Storage Rack: If space is an issue in your garage, consider installing a ceiling-mounted storage rack. These racks typically use hooks and loops to attach to the ceiling, allowing you to store multiple items without taking up too much space.