That's the situation where EPOS comes into handy. They are time-efficient and powerful tools for obtaining sales, stock, issuing receipts, and securing business transactions. A good restaurant EPOS system will always help to run your business in a smoother way. 

The restaurant EPOS is designed in such a way that it has a user-friendly floor management system. It helps in combining or moving around tables. Whenever needed you can get the services of the epos system online via

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Updates regarding floor plans made at rapid speed. Can create or edit your menu online in just minutes with the help of an interface.

With the help of simple menu creation, items can be created or edited. Updates can be done quickly. You can also upload images and information to the EPOS. This ensures your staff never forgets the pairing and helps in taking orders quickly.

The rich list of modules enables options takeaway, table, and order management and there are some other modules for reporting and business intelligence. With the help of these modules, we get a detailed analysis of business performance.

A complete or micro-level data can be viewed which is reliable and accurate. Schedule staff members, individual performance of staff, end of day reports can be generated. Reports can be viewed regardless of the device you view.   

Every restaurateur needs complete management software to control and grow a successful business. Multi-language and multi-currency a truly global solutions.

Reservation of tables, layouts are useful when there are some promotions or loyalty programs are held. Split tenders and service charges, discounts for loyal customers.