Shopping used to mean getting in the car and driving to the store nearby to get whatever you want but now it has changed. Now people like to shop online for groceries, clothes and other things. It is really easy to shop for mens boxers and briefs online from any online store.

12 Best Pairs of Moisture-Wicking Athletic Underwear for Men 2020

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There used to be very few choices in men’s underwear. There were ten choices of colors in boxers according to their size and few options in colored briefs. Men had to choose boxer shorts from a limited number of colors.

The prices also used to be very high because of the lesser variety and choices. However, now you can browse the internet and can find a wide assortment of boxers, briefs, thongs and various other types of underwear.

There are various websites that sell only underwear and have a wide range of products available in different colors and sizes. You can find the perfect pair of underwear by visiting these websites. 

Thong underwear is the latest invention for men and has become very popular. You can find thong underwear in different colors and sizes. Some thong underwear has a feature stripe down the center whereas some are decorated with motifs. Some of them have wording or logos printed on the underwear or on the waistbands.