Having trouble with your Mac at startup? Mac computers are very reliable, but even the best-made machines still have problems from time to time, or various Mac repair mechanics look at it – they get "cranky" at first. These problems may be related to hard drives, errors in the operating system user accounts, a faulty battery or power supply, or the logic board.

Clues to the problem can be found by determining when the system fails and then isolating a pattern to find a result. Before taking your computer to an Apple reseller or MacBook repair center, a few easy questions can help.

If your system won't turn on, you likely have a dead battery, bad logic board, or difficulties with your AC adapter. A licensed MacBook repair expert can assist you and make improvements.

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If your system is popping, you may be dealing with capacitor failure. Fortunately, a new power supply or AC adapter will not be troublesome or expensive for a Mac repair shop. 

Depending on the types of problems, and Apple dealer may need to send your MacBook to a third-party repair shop, for It might be easier to start with an approved Apple repair shop that you trust and directly hire Apple mechanics who will repair your computer.