Your body is capable of self-renewal or repair, using your own cells. An example is when you get a cut or break a bone. Your body sends signals when damage has occurred.

Stem cells in your bloodstream or in the adjacent tissue respond, go to the area and start the repair process. As we age, the number of stem cells in our bodies declines.

Now for the good news. Fat or adipose tissue is a rich source of stem cells. There are over 7,000 stem cells in one cubic centimeter of fat tissues.

For anti-aging during Stem Cell Therapy, the doctor will remove about 150 cc of fat tissue or the equivalent of a 5-ounce glass of wine. There will be over 1 million dormant stem cells in the 150 cc of fat.

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A dissolver is added to the 150 cc of fat to separate the fat from the stem cells, it takes about 20 minutes. The solution is then put in a centrifuge and spun for several minutes.

After the spin, the stem cells are removed and natural proteins are added. These natural proteins activate the stem cells. It takes about one hour for the activation.

The stem cells enter the bloodstream and get to work repairing damaged tissues. Click here to see where stem cells go. They go to various parts of the body and assist in the regeneration of damaged tissue.

It usually takes about 4 weeks for the patient to notice the first anti-aging effects. Your cells are repairing your body. This is the stem cell therapy for Anti Aging.