Planning events of the company can make stress. Whether you pursue your boss for a definite answer at the time, date, budget, or venue, or you are preparing an invitation list, planning the company's event can be a full-time project. However, before you stress, read on for some sanity-saving tips. You can make an enquiry before choosing the corporate catering services.

Before you jump online or open your phonebook, take a few minutes to prepare a list of items so you will be ready to ask the right questions and provide as much detailed information as possible for people who answered the phone. Because you will want to compare prices and food choices between catering services, set up several lists with the same questions so you can keep your records organized. 

When you talk to every business, be sure to ask questions such as: Do you provide all the linen, tables, etc.? This can save money if Caterer provides all these services because if not, you might have to rent this from another vendor. If you will have alcohol at your event, ask whether the business is licensed or not to serve food and alcohol. 

You can also request a reference list, and also to visit other catering jobs. References will give you solid background performance and visit other places that you will describe professionalism, organization, and glimpse into smooth operation (hopefully) during the event. You definitely want to make sure the catering you choose is also ready for the transportation code and handling food that is safe, so ask if you can tour their facilities. 

At this time you may have narrowed down your list to a small handful of potential catering for your event. It is recommended that the schedule one to one with your catering and make decisions about food and drinks to be presented, as well as the style of service; Buffet service, sitting, or cocktail. For a really great event, tell the party atmosphere and the feeling you are trying to make.