In the colder seasons, the need for a coat is essential. Finding the right style isn't easy, So here are some tips for styling that can help you find the perfect coat for you!

The pea coat was traditionally an elegant coat style that are worn by males. However, there are a few variants for women too. The coat has the standard oversized buttons as well as more sweeping lapels, but it has sleeves that are different based upon the style of the designer. You can also purchase wool sports coat for men.

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Pick a coat made of top-quality wool to get the coziest wear, but don't restrict yourself to black or brown as there are many brighter colors to choose from. There are designers who create these coats with colors such as vibrant yellow, deep purples deep, hunter greens, and other trendy shades.

Another style that is popular is a light and feminine one. It is a versatile style that is available in a variety of lengths that range from mid to mid-calf. It also comes in various fabrics ranging including cotton blends and polyesters. 

Double-breasted coats are an iconic style that is lovely to wear and look great which makes it a favorite each year. They are available this season in deep, jewel tones, such as blues, greens, and reds as well as in traditional dark hues. 

Find coats that have necklines that can be swung up to block out the elements. Double-breasted coats tend to be warmer and trendy designs for the season are usually curvaceous, which emphasizes the curvatures while remaining comfortable and warm during cold winter months.