Dichroic glass pendants have been formed from dichroic glass that includes many layers of metals and oxides within it. Dichroic glass pendants can have a special transmitted color, exactly like the glass they are made from. 

This characteristic of these dichroic glass pendants occurs naturally due to the metals and oxides that form the many layers of the glass.  You can browse this site to learn more about rainbow dichroic glass.

The dazzling screen of light can also be understood from the artificial variations of the glass. There can be more than fifty layers in one of those whole pieces of glass.

Every bit that is created is exceptional due to the variations that occur during the filming process and the healing process of this material. Two pieces of glass can’t be indistinguishable, so each piece of jewelry made from these materials is unique.

Antique makers are very fond of discovering materials that allow them to create unique and exceptional pieces. The simple fact that jewelry items are made of glass reduces their resale value, but the simple fact that two pieces can never be identical and the substances cannot be mass-produced increases the value of each piece.

Glass has been in use for several centuries and you can easily find it readily available to use if you shop online.

Glass is supposed to be used in crafts that can heat it and use it hot, but it's also possible to use it in its cold, raw form if you choose. Your regular glass does not have these layers and is much easier to cut. You may need to heat the bit slightly to cut it into the shapes you want.