In simple terms, parenting can be simply described as "the state of being a parent." It is the legal acceptance of the parental relationship, that is, a parent-child relationship between a man or a woman and her child. The child acquires a sense of identity when paternity is established.

For many reasons, hiring a paternity lawyer is very important to a child. The child may then be entitled to various benefits, such as insurance benefits, inheritance claims, tort claims, and social security benefits. It is also important for a child to know the medical history of both parents. 

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Very often, the issue of paternity will come up during legal separations, divorce, or annulment. This is necessary to establish custody, parenting schedules, and post-separation visitation. In cases involving family inheritance, immigration applications, and other benefits, acknowledgment of paternity is necessary. Paternity actions can be used by parents who have a child together, to legalize their rights and responsibilities about the child.

There are many legal ways to establish paternity. The most basic law is based on the history of society. The law assumes that a man is the legal father of the child of his spouse. The man must then perform all duties and assume all responsibilities towards the child as a parent. However, evidence can be used to challenge this presumption. There may be cases where a man refuses paternity, either before or after separation. In these cases, a paternity suit must also be filed. In cases where the mother is not married, she can file a lawsuit to acknowledge paternity.

A "paternity suit" is a legal procedure that determines whether a man is the father of a child who was born to a woman. If the father of the child admits paternity, then paternity can be established. The judge can order the man's blood sample if he refuses to acknowledge that he is the father of the child. The blood sample could be used for DNA testing or blood profiling.

A court order establishing parental rights will also establish custody, visitation, and parenting time. These are important for children who have been separated from their parents. Even if the custodial parent requests compensation for the expenses incurred by the child, he may still be entitled to it. A man can also submit a parenting plan after proving paternity for him. The parenting plan details the sharing of parental responsibilities. It also contains details on legal custody, visitation, insurance, and other matters.