Axe throwing is the newest and crazy little game. You throw a sharp axe at a wooden target in a cage that is 20 feet long. It's like the turbo arrow on steroids. You can experience the best throwing axe game at Paintball USA.

 Hachet Alley Adds a Twist to Axe-Throwing: Why just throw axes when you can bowl with a football? - Chron Events - The Austin Chronicle

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Sounds dangerous, but do not be afraid. A full-throttle expert gives you all the safety training you need. And face it, the illusion of danger makes his thrill.

This is the ideal medieval millennium from the past. Does your boss really expect you to work? Did the barista screw up your order? Is there a funny smell in your mother's basement? Throw the ax. You will feel much better.

Apart from the fact that good taste is generally required (no shirt, no shoes, no service), the only limitation is not open-toe shoes. We want you to go with as many fingers as you come. An ax-throwing participant can be 14 years old if he can safely master the ax. A parent or legal guardian must be present for persons under 18 years of age.

We like to put all our fingers, toes and other parts of the body together, so we limit ourselves to one throw at a time. With this in mind, most groups put more than 4 people on the track. Ax throwing is a team sport!