A common variation of wax CBD concentrate is crumbled. Also known as honeycomb, crumble has a more brittle consistency rather than a sticky and gooey one. Like wax and budder, crumble is typically derived using a butane or CO2 extraction process.

Throughout the process, less moisture is removed from the extract. The increased water content in the crumble facilitates the creation of a more solid, less viscous product with a crumbly texture. Because crumple is less sticky and has more solid consistency, it is typically much easier to handle and work with than wax or budder. You can even purchase the best CBD products online in Canada from various manufacturers online. 

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Shatter is a highly concentrated CBD product that has a unique, translucent appearance that is typically clear or amber in color. Known as one of the purest forms of concentrated CBD, shatter has a smooth, solid consistency and is made into thin sheets that closely resemble glass. 

Like glass, shatter cracks and separates suddenly into many pieces when placed under pressure—which is where the substance gets its name. When exposed to heat, however, shatter melts and bubbles to take on a thick, more goopy texture that resembles honey.

Though several different techniques can be implemented to create shatter, the most common is butane extraction. Upon extraction, shatter often goes through additional filtration processes to enhance the purity and potency of the final product.