When you take a simple t-shirt, you don't even bother thinking or relating to the fact that there might be an effect of your purchase, in the environment. It sounds like a surprise. Well, that's right. The type of t-shirt you buy, the type of fabric, and the process make it possible to have a bad effect on the environment. You can buy the top organic cotton clothes for your body to keep refreshing.

Cotton cultivated naturally: T-shirts made of organic cotton made of cotton that grow naturally. There is no genetic modification of plants. Plant genes are not structured back in any way, in the process of cotton cultivation. Because of this, there is no bad effect on the environment. In the process, there is no use of fertilizer or pesticides. 

Rules for 'Organic' labels: For T-shirts to be called organic, there are rules and rigorous regulations set by government agencies in various countries, which you must follow. There is a procedure to be followed in cotton cultivation. To be allowed to sell, organic cotton shirts, various producers must follow the rules regarding growth, handling cotton, fertilization, and pest control measures.

Safe in the neighborhood: the idea behind simple organic clothes. Because of this, expect zero residues and chemical waste that might enter the environment. The company maintains ecological balance, and there is no harmful effect on animals and humans. Therefore, by buying an organic shirt made of cotton, you are within a distance that contributes to environmental health. 

Statistics: I have to give you some data to understand why organic cotton must be a way of life. Cotton is cultivated at two points five of the world's land. However, it is worrying to note that cultivation uses sixteen percent of insecticides, made in the world. Therefore, you can see for you a large number of pesticides needed to make synthetic cotton fabrics.