When you start a small business, accounting problems pile up right away. Especially if you are not a finance person, it can be difficult to control all the accounting data by yourself. 

Bookkeeping Is such an integral part of doing business, and if you're not sure they're on their way, it can get overwhelming. There are a few simple procedures you need to follow to make your bookkeeping easier. Read on for the tips for small business accounting.

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1) Have individual accounts for personal and business finance

One mistake people make is taking money out of their business to fund their personal expenses and vice versa. If you are raising the capital for your business from your personal finances, you must properly document these additions.

2) Record all costs

Document all your business expenses and know how much you have spent and what will help you understand what is important and what you are actually spending money on.

3) Keep detailed records of all income

Sometimes income can come from multiple sources and is easily lost. If you're not sure how many sales you made, you may find yourself paying less in taxes and having problems with the IRS.

4) Hire a professional in the industry

If that applies, you can hire an accountant or bookkeeper, even if that is temporary. All your bookkeeping and accounting problems can be resolved in a few hours for a small fee. Accountants ensure that your income and expenses are properly recorded, while accountants ensure that your taxes are up to date.

5) Make life easier with the help of accounting software

Technology can help you. There are tons of accounting software out there that you can use to track and categorize your expenses and income. You can link your credit card to accounting software and automate your accounting process.