At this time, the dangers of plastic straws are known. Then why do people keep using it? Convenience? Have you missed a more interesting alternative? We have solutions that are not only sustainable, but also stylish and comfortable! 

For those looking to cut plastic straws, there are few reasons to switch to eco-friendly bamboo straws .

bamboo straws

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They are used with natural resources

First and foremost, the best thing about bamboo straws is their durability. Unlike disposable plastic straws, which don't break down and pollute the floor, bamboo straws are made from 100% natural materials! They are a great reminder that nature is the best resource for all of our dietary and product needs.

They are biodegradable

This means that when they re-enter the environment, they decompose safely and without harming the surrounding plants and animals. Earth is the place.

Made from one of the strongest plants

Bamboo straws are made from fast growing bamboo, one of the toughest plants in the world. Bamboo does not require fertilizers or pesticides and regenerates from its own roots. Therefore, no transplants are required, which makes our bamboo straws more environmentally friendly!

They are antibacterial and easy to clean

Bamboo straws are not only safer for the environment, they are also safer for you. Bamboo not only contains no chemicals, but also contains less harmful bacteria than single-use plastics. Oh, and they're so easy to clean.

Let us dive in to take a look at a few benefits of cocktail beverage glass straws.

Beautiful — They are available in many colors to enhance any dining table or drink setting and match any theme.

Luxurious — As sipping from a cocktail glass or glass jar provides a more lavish experience than drinking from a plastic cup or may, glass straws just add great elegance to any drink, especially cocktails. Blue marche is very popular for their eco friendly and luxurious drinking straws.

cocktail drink straws

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Dishwasher-safe and Reusable — Glass straws might be used innumerable times, like your drinking glasses. They're very convenient and easy to wash simply by putting them at the skillet, or draining them leaving them upright in a jar to scrub.

Durable -Glass straws are created from laboratory-grade borosilicate, and consequently are a lot more effective than stemware.

Eco-friendly — Alleviate the use of single use straws and enhance awareness regarding straw usage by resorting to reusable eco friendly glass drinking straws into your house and inside your enterprise.

Hygienic — Glass is apparent, so it's easy to discover it is sparkling clean both inside and out. No lurking residue!

Flavor-free — Unlike paper, bamboo, hay, metal straws, corn a glass straw won't negatively affect the flavor of this liquid passing through it.

Dentist-recommended — Glass is a natural insulator, therefore it reduces the suffering of tooth sensitivity as well as preventing teeth stains.