Bordeaux wine was first classified in 1855. The product's quality, reputation, and trading price were the key factors in this classification. These wines are some of the most popular wines throughout the world and therefore it makes sense that Bordeaux wine investments are some of the smartest wine investments you can make.

In fact, Bordeaux wine investments represent a large majority of total wine investments globally, as much as 90% or more by some estimates. This is because these wines are prestigious, the vintages are great and the labels and vineyards are renowned. You can get more information about the Bordeaux wine investments from

Wine is not subject to capital gains tax because it is considered a wasting asset.  It's important to learn about your wines and the regions in which they were produced. Many companies can assist with the selection and sale of wines.

Bordeaux is mostly known as a producer of red wines, although many sweet white wines and other types of wines are also produced. Bordeaux red wines are made in a ratio of 6:1 to white wines in the region. Many of these wines are blends of various grapes and only specific grape types are permitted to be used. 

There are many common, easily obtained Bordeaux wines but investments in these types of wines include the most expensive, highly sought after, top-rated wines in the world.