Do you suffer from chronic back pain due to big breasts? Then you may be one of the thousands of women who choose to undergo breast reduction surgery instead of constant pain.

Breast reduction surgery is a safe procedure designed to relieve unnecessary pain and return women to their active lifestyle. Many women find that after breast reduction, their back pain goes away and they can return to exercise without further lower back pain. As a result, their overall health and appearance improved. You can also find the best breast reduction surgeon in Dallas via

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“Many people think breast reduction surgery is a purely cosmetic procedure. But that didn't happen. In most cases, the insurance company will handle this process. More and more women are opting for breast reduction surgery to relieve chronic back pain and neck and shoulder pain. This not only reduces or eliminates pain completely, but also allows you to participate in more activities."

Breast reduction is done through small incisions that encircle the areola to the breast fold. You will see bruising and scars, but these will fade over time.

The patient returned to work in less than a week and was able to carry out routine activities after six weeks.

Breast reduction surgery has improved the lives of thousands of women by providing much-needed relief from breast pain that is too big for their bodies.