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Bad smell from the sewer gas may enter your home which is weird yet one of the common problems. As a homeowner, you need to be aware about the smell that is entering your home. Here are those common causes or reasons you experience bad smell coming inside your home from the sewer.

  1. Due to Leaks – Plumbing system starts leaking bad smell due to improper placement of the vents and pipes. Moreover, cracks on the plumbing system apart from leaks would be another reason leading to bad smell entering our home.
  2. Due to Poor Condition of the Pipes – Sewer system pipes are installed to protect our home from the exposure of human waste. However, if the pipes are broken, cracked or degraded, bad smell may enter your home.
  3. Due to Blocked Air Vents – Toxic gases are prevented from entering homes due to the presence of air vents. But air vents become weaker due to dirt and debris that gets blocked forcing the sewer gas to enter our home.
  4. Due to Dry Plumbing System – Sewer system acts as a shield from keeping the bad smell and gas odor from entering your home. However, this is possible only when there is free water movement from the sewer. With less movement of water, the drain becomes dry leading to bad smell to enter your home. At the end of the day, the plumbing system shouldn’t be left dried allowing continuous water supply.

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