The African black soap is a gentle soap that differs from other kinds of soap you'll have used previously. Also known as Dudu Osun or Anago, the African black soap originates in West Africa.

Traditionally, Dudu Osun consists of natural compounds of pure oils, butter, and roasted crops. Ingredients like roasted, dried cocoa pods and plantain peels together with butter like shea butter or coconut give it the color that ranges from pale tan to dark chocolate brown. The coastal areas of Africa have a tendency to generate soap that has a greater proportion of coconut oil, whereas the interior regions produce soap that comprises more Shea butter. If you want to buy Tropical Dudu Osun (Black Soap), then you can browse the web.

Tropical Dudu Osun (Black Soap)

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Dudu Osun has therapeutic and emollient properties which make it more than just an effective cleansing agent. It includes a milder pH than traditional soaps as it's caustic soda free. The rich oil and butter components like shea butter guarantee a high glycerine content that produces a creamy texture. Authentic black soap is unscented and has a gentle clean odor.

It's gentle enough to wash newborn babies delicate skin and damaged or sensitive skin but it's also used quite efficiently for acne prone, oily and blemished skin. The mildness of the soap makes it appropriate for many skin types. It helps in minimizing acne-causing germs.