If you are looking for an innovative solution to online communication, you should consider using a chatbot for your marketing endeavors. A chat bot is simply a software program application utilized to perform an online chat discussion through either text or voice-to-voice, rather than providing direct human interaction with another human operator. In short, it is an automated helper that can do all the work for you while allowing you to take a break, relax, and chat with friends and family. It is actually a new and emerging technology that has the potential to completely change the way marketing is done online.

What exactly is a chat bot? Simply put, a chat bot is an application that uses artificial intelligence in order to facilitate group communication on the internet. It does this by providing automatic replies to questions, as well as facilitating general online conversations. It may also perform tasks like spell checkers, provided by the dictionary. It can even discern sarcasm and respond in a socially appropriate way. It can make submissions to online discussion forums and generally facilitate communication between users.

One great application is the one that I am about to share with you. I am going to discuss one chat bot that integrates with AIM (Amateur Internet Message Service) and allows you to run sweepstakes through your website. All of this is done without you having to worry about actually setting up any sweepstakes which are surprisingly easy to do. I will show you the code required to integrate your bot with AIM, as well as how to monitor the results, and eventually win a prize contest with this amazingly clever application.

The chat bot I am going to show you is called Natural Language Processing, or NLP for short. It was created by two computer science professors, who were trying to come up with a way for computers to understand and speak naturally, instead of just using text-based prompts. And they succeeded. They created an innovative conversational understanding generator or CAE, that can teach a computer to understand and execute speech patterns.

The chat bot, NLP, also allows you to easily specify the conditions under which your NLP-generated responses should happen. For example, if someone was asking about a particular topic, and you set the "ask question" to "ask the question" and "ask question type", your chat bot should then ask "what is the topic of conversation?" and return a list of many different topics that people might be discussing. This would be a very easy form of natural language processing, where the chat bot only has to react to one command. It is much more sophisticated than that.

The chat bot works with the Google AdWords Content Network. Google AdWords, the largest content network in the world, allows advertisers to publish text advertisements, also known as sponsored listings. These are contextual advertisements that appear on top of the normal web search results. These appear at the right side or bottom of search results for relevant keywords. They can be sponsored links, logos, slogans, business names, and many other things that are recognized by most internet users.

Bot developers use this capability to create automated Google chat bots that can talk to real human users in real-time, as well as browse through thousands of chat rooms all in a single day. Google's chat bots can respond to user queries by returning keyword searches from a database, and Google claims that these bots are as accurate as a human being. Bots are able to analyze millions of conversations every day, and Google claims that this is done by utilizing a special kind of algorithm called Latent Semantic Analysis. This algorithm takes the information that is contained in a conversation and combines it with the latest Google statistics and past history of the IP address and location of the user who initiated the conversation. Google claims that it is able to maintain an accurate representation of where users have been, how long they have been there, and for how long they are staying.

In addition, Google chat bots can categorize conversations according to topics and subjects. Bots are also able to give their own individual opinions, predictions, and jokes, and can integrate themselves with conversational systems in order to encourage and discourage certain types of communication. Google claims that this functionality has reduced the number of messages and inquiries in the bot chat rooms by over eighty percent. These chatbot are only one part of the huge progress that Google has made towards transforming chat into an easier and more enjoyable experience.