Transcription is a type of business service that converts audio/video files into written documents. It is offered not only for business, legal and medical purposes but also for personal understanding of the languages of different people. This service is provided by someone called a transcriptionist who specializes in transcription.

It listens to the recording and copies every spoken word using a word processor. You can also get more information about the right Chinese transcription services online via

On the other hand, the same audio and video files can be turned into written documents using automated tools. It is quite cheap and easily available online. However, quality assurance is not guaranteed with automatic transcription tools as compared to manual ones.

As mentioned above, transcription is also used for personal language comprehension. For example: If you are an Indian visiting Beijing, you will find your favourite person, Kevin Rudd, giving a speech in Chinese to the audience. Unfortunately, you only understand English and are used to watching all his speech videos with English subtitles.

To avoid such problematic situations anywhere and anytime, one has to rely on technology. With the help of your mobile phone, you can record the speaker's speech and convert it into a written format in the language of your choice for easy understanding. This is where language comes in and this is where you can choose a Chinese transcription service based on your needs.