This may be the term most used this decade in bars, restaurants, and bottle shops, but what exactly makes a beer a craft beer?” Craft beer” is a term found on beer labels and menus everywhere. But what does craft beer refer to? Let’s explain:

What is craft beer?

The often misused term craft beer most often refers to beer brewed by small independent breweries that produce only a small product each year. However, the way we define “small production” can be unclear because there is no clear definition of what a small operation is. 

This issue has become a point of contention in the brewing community. When we say craft beer, we mean beer made by independent breweries that are not part of (or secretly owned by) a major company. This is a beer made by a brewery where “craftsmanship” is key. You may buy the finest craft beer hampers via

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In many cases, craft beer companies can be purchased by large companies – which begs the question: is beer still considered craft beer? In many cases, this is not the case, because beer is becoming a commodity and therefore not technically a “craft product”. 

This doesn’t mean that beer is no longer a quality drink – it just implies that it’s made by a large company and is widely available, which means it’s not a ‘craft’ drink. However, many major beer companies will continue to label their drinks as “craft beer”.

What to look out for when choosing a craft beer?

For the best small-scale craft beers, it’s worth looking for an independent brewer who uses local ingredients and produces innovative, interesting, limited-edition beers. Craft brewers often use traditional methods to brew their craft beer while getting creative with flavor and style combinations.