With all the technological advancements in the past years, businesses have seen a shift in the focus of their marketing strategy. With personalization and search engine optimization becoming more and more popular, companies are relying on professional sales account managers to make sure they're maximizing their returns. 

Customer service representatives must be able to communicate effectively with customers. As a professional sales rep, you will be expected to make the most out of your client's money. You may be the go-to person for technical support and training, but you will also be responsible for managing and maintaining your clients' business relationships. 

customer service representative job description template

Being an effective professional sales rep requires experience and knowledge about different industries and what it takes to achieve results. It's not just about talking people into making purchases; it's about getting them to buy the right things for their business, at the right price.

Managing your timesheets and managing your time are vitally important. You will need to be organized enough to stay on track with sales targets and also prepared to work long hours when required. 

When you're spending your days in front of a computer screen, attention to detail is essential and so are planning skills. The best way to become an effective professional sales rep is through experience – whether that's working part-time or gaining relevant qualifications.

It's a surefire way of getting yourself noticed by potential employers and increasing your chances of landing a full-time role as a professional sales rep.