Your business will stand out by using customized texts for the marketing campaign you are running. Customize your text messages to meet the preferences of your customers.

It's a matter of seconds to add a first or last name or customized field into text messages. This not only makes your customers feel valued and appreciated but also improves the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. You can search online for customize my text messages or visit

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Through this post, you’ll be taught about the best ways to send personal text messages, and why they are more effective than regular messages.

Why would you want to send personalized text messages?

Even if they're not personal SMS messages can be an extremely effective method of communication.

In reality, 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of receiving them. These high engagement rates are higher when texts are customized.

Forbes reports that customers are exposed to approximately 10,000 advertisements from brands each day. Your customers are more likely to engage with the message that makes it feel as if it was specifically written for them.

Personalized messages can include tiny details, such as the addition of a name to messages that are written with a specific person in the mind.

If you can send a personal text message or a custom SMS message, you are in a position to enhance the user experience as well as improve results for your advertising campaigns.