Unmanaged dedicated hosting is cheaper because you don't have to pay the service provider a fee to manage the server. We can say that unmanaged servers are cheap dedicated servers too.

You also need to consider customer support when looking for a better quality host.

If you choose a cheap dedicated server that is not managed by the service provider, the customer support may not be of high quality. Customer support also has a price the customer has to pay, directly or indirectly.

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Hence, if you run a reputable business website, you need to provide high customer support. Another aspect of India dedicated hosting is its reliability.

The hosting company should be able to provide you with sufficient bandwidth and speed. Find out about the experiences of dedicated hosting providers. Think about security.

If you choose a dedicated, unmanaged server, does the entire security update yourself. If you are looking for a dedicated server, hire a company after reading their performance reviews.

Save this aspect of dedicated hosting services in India if you wish to find a reliable service provider for your company's website.

Managed servers take the worry out of updating software regularly. This is because the service provider takes care of managing your dedicated server. Therefore, if you don't have the skills and knowledge of software, you should choose a dedicated server that is managed.