Missing teeth don't make you embarrassed about your smile. Missing teeth can affect eating habits and speech. Many people feel embarrassed if one or more of their teeth is missing. This can affect their confidence and speech. You can also get the best dental treatment via cranbrookdentist.ca/dental-implants.html.

Many people still believe that dentists have yet to find a solution for missing teeth. They choose temporary bridges. Temporary bridges do not need surgery. The temporary bridges do not cause any peace. 

The bridge is not always secure. It can slip out of control while you are eating, drinking, or talking. It can be embarrassing, especially if it happens in front of others. Dentists recommend that their patients choose dental implants. Implants look just like natural teeth, and it is easier to maintain them. 

Here are some reasons implants are the best solution to missing teeth.


Implants are a permanent solution. Implants are the root of the replacement tooth. The implant is placed in the jawbone by experts. The implant is covered by the bone over time. This makes the implant more durable and invulnerable. 

Because of its permanence, it is important to have the implant installed by good general or family dentistry clinics. Incorrect installation can lead to long-term negative effects. Because it is permanent, it can be used as a replacement for natural teeth.