Planning the wedding often get's left mostly to the bride, and that's okay because as a woman you've probably spent a lifetime envisioning this day – the dress, the ceremony, the reception, and of course that perfectly unique, and elegant wedding favor.

You may even have a binder full of unique wedding favor ideas. Keep in mind that some cute ideas you cut years ago might not look elegant today, but you can always pick up ideas and mix or match them to create your own personalized wedding favor.

Wedding favors are small gifts that you give to each of your guests. This is a souvenir from your wedding that your guests will take home. You can also browse to get personalized dessert boxes in Australia.

The wedding options available range from luxurious to tacky and your choice will depend on your budget and creativity. You can create personalized wedding favors for each of your guests or create unique themed wedding services for your wedding.

A themed gift is a great option, especially if your wedding is themed. For example, a beach wedding goes well with wedding favors such as a flip flop keychain or perhaps, more elegantly, a beach gift box with personalized wedding favors inside.

A more elegant wedding gift box could be a soft dried starfish, some shells, or some other beach-inspired item. The beach is used as an example because there are so many beach weddings.