Classes, whether in studios or in a gym, are great for keeping fitness on track. The classes will push you further than you could go on your own. They can be a cost-effective alternative or supplement to your fitness-related training. These classes mentioned below will help you to realize your full health potential.

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It seems that everywhere I go, there is someone raving about the BodyPump classes. These classes incorporate weightlifting into the standard fitness class at the gym. The side effects of this class might include muscle fatigue and excellent outcomes.

Martial Arts:

Many studios offer a free trial class that will help you to get started. While martial arts classes teach you to defend yourself, they also provide rigorous workouts that can help you build a strong body. Some studios are equipped with gyms.


It doesn't matter if it's hip hop, salsa, belly dance, or any other form of dance that can free your mind, body, and soul. Learn how to impress your family and friends by toning and burning calories and slowly building your body.

Personal Training Group:

Are you taking a class or is it private training? It's both! The great thing about small-group personal training is that it's the middle ground between a large training class, but with no personal attention and a cheaper price than one-on-one. 

The four classes listed above might be a once-in-a-lifetime event, or you could develop a new passion. Many people take a martial arts, dance, or personal fitness class not expecting much but then realize that they don't have enough!