Bulk billing is refers to a payment method that is under the well-known Medicare system of health insurance in many places. Basically, general practitioners who bill their patients via their Medicare card receive 100% of the fee, while specialists receive 85% of the fee. Doctors usually bulk bill patients like pensioners. This payment method was implemented almost three decades ago, back in 1984, and it has helped thousands of people receive high-quality medical care. You can refer to epfamilyclinic.com.au/home/bulk-billing to know the full procedure of getting a Medicare card.

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It must be mentioned that most dentists provide bulk-billing dental services for patients who are eligible under the Medicare Dental Plan. Nonetheless, some dentists only choose to accept certain Medicare bulk billing services – others have limited their billing in bulk to a certain number of times a day, while others do not accept this payment option at all.

Bulk billing (which is often called "Direct billing") has a series of advantages that you, as a patient and a Health Care Card holder, can benefit from. One of the main benefits of this form of factoring is that you do not have to pay anything out of your own pocket. With bulk billing you can solve your health issues with a minimum of effort and without having to worry about the financial part.