An experienced photographer will not only give you some basic posing tips to improve your images, but they will also help you to be who you really are.

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Many photographers offer samples of their work, which can be framed or placed on the walls of their studios. Check out the samples to see if the photographer is a specialist in a particular race, or if they are skilled at taking photos of different nationalities.

Also, check the angles and expressions of the people in the photos. Check to see if women are photographed differently than men. Do you prefer candid or very common poses?

Lighting is also important. Based on the shadows on the face and background, you can tell if the lighting has been adjusted to be natural or too bright.

The photographer can adjust, move and remove lighting. They also have the ability to choose the best camera position and angle so that you capture your "best side".

Professional advice is what you pay for when you buy a studio at a high price. Professionals who have spent years studying lighting and photography. A low-end studio is a studio that aims to produce a high-quality photo in as short a time as possible.