Pasta is something that is eaten in almost all countries. Pasta is a traditional Italian dish that originated in Naples.  Raw pasta comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Pasta is quite easy to prepare. To order healthy pasta dishes, you can go to this website


Most Italian dishes are prepared with cheese, red/white sauce, olive oil, garlic, ginger, black pepper, and meat. In different nations, pasta is made in different ways with infinite possibilities. Pasta can be produced with or without sauces.

Earlier, Pasta was usually served with meat or seafood. The pasta recipe is beautiful and delightful. A few decades ago Naples (a city in Italy) was the largest exporter of raw pasta on the planet. Most people usually cook pasta with noodles, although pasta is actually made from many different flours and grains that come in different sizes. Macaroni is also a kind of pasta. 

Regarding the background of pasta – where does it come from?

The source of pasta has also been credited for the Etruscan period. In fact, it is Chinese noodles from 500 years ago. However, this is not enough concrete evidence. Among those Etruscan tombs, scientists have also discovered tools that appear to make pasta.

Pasta's background is appealing not only because of its intriguing details but also in the legends and myths surrounding it. But when Marco said he had found "pasta" in China, it was suggested that he had found something new.