Dental care should start from the beginning your baby is born and not before your baby's first tooth appears. Even though your baby's teeth are not visible it does not mean that they are not there.

Usually, teeth start to form during the second trimester of the pregnancy. When your baby is born, a total of 20 primary teeth is hidden in their jaws. To prevent the accumulation of dangerous damaging bacteria, running a damp clean washcloth on the baby's gums after ever feeding is recommended. You can also get the best children’s dental care in Pearl City.

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When you see teeth already on your baby, rubbing the teeth with a clean gauge or brushing them with a soft children toothbrush would be good. Dental decay can occur to anybody including babies. That is why parents should practice good feeding habits.

Do not leave a bottle on his mouth when you put him to sleep. Although, you may think it's convenient when it fact it slowly destroys your baby's teeth. The sugar from the milk that remains on your baby's teeth will eat their way the enamel which causes a condition called bottle mouth.

Symptoms of a bottle mouth are usually pitted, pocked and discolored teeth. Parents should set specific hours for their babies to drink to avoid cavities during their baby months.